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Why You Are Having Wi-Fi Issues!!

  • August 4, 2018 /

The backbone of every smart home is internet connectivity and Wi-Fi. Great internet service and broadband speeds are what has enabled the great smart homes we have today. Internet and Wi-Fi issues are also the cause of many headaches for people all over. Whether you have a smart home or not, having great Wi-Fi is a top priority for most people and definitely one of the most important services Digital Home offers.

Most internet issues are typically caused by one of the four following reasons:

  1. Building materials such as plaster or brick that don’t allow Wi-Fi signals to easily pass through.
  2. Bandwidth issues because too many devices are trying to connect.
  3. Range issues because you are too far away from your router or access point.
  4. Your Wi-Fi is configured wrong. This can be the result of many things such as Sonos, Direct TV or the addition of range extenders.

In the video below I expound on these issues a lot more. I explain how they are caused and in follow up videos I will discuss how to fix them. If you want to know right now how to fix them feel free to message me here to learn ASAP!

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