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What I hate about Sonos

It’s not the installation, that’s very easy.

It’s not the app, that’s pretty nice too.

It’s definitely not being able to easily stream my Spotify, my Pandora and the rest of my music from the same place, I am a big fan of that as well.

Nope, it’s none of the above. I hate the way it looks!

Don’t get me wrong, Sonos isn’t naturally an ugly product it all depends on the scenario.


If you’re buying a Sonos for an apartment you’re renting it’s not bad. If you’re in a dark room where you can hide it in a corner, it’s also not bad. The problem is for our clients that’s typically not the case.

I wrote an article last week about the five best times to make your home smart, each of those scenarios are different but a key similarity is people in those cases truly care about the aesthetic of a room.

Can you imagine you just had an interior decorator help you remodel your kitchen and then for music you put a Sonos on the counter top? It ruins all of their hard work and money you spent.

The same can be said if you’re building a new home, why would you not take the time to put speakers in the ceiling, on the walls or even behind the walls of your home? This is the best time to make these kinds of decisions.

I love Sonos because of the capabilities it enables; my point is if you’re going for a certain look in a home it gets in the way.

Digital Home is a Smart Home Automation company but a large focus of ours is ensuring your technology is invisible. Look at our Houzz page, it will show you that. Sonos doesn’t do that. We rarely, if ever sell standing speakers, we focus on being discreet. Invisible speakers, ceiling speakers, and wall speakers are our most requested products. It’s a large part of what spurs people to look at our other smart products.

I am not telling people not to buy Sonos. We sell a lot of Sonos products. My point is, it’s best as a music server not as the speaker system. If you don’t believe me, ask an interior designer. They would not be happy if you put a Sonos on the counter or on the floor of their recently designed room. They would much rather you put the speakers somewhere more discreet and if you don’t know a good interior designer let me know, I would be more than happy to point you to some very reputable people.

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