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Have You Thought Of How Smart Lighting Can Help Your Design?!?!

  • April 16, 2018 /

When most people think about Smart lights, they think only of the functionality that they provide. The functionality is awesome, but it is not the only benefit of this technology. Using smart lighting technology while building a home can help make the design of the house more enjoyable and easier to manage as well.

Above is a four gang light switch. If you have a lot of lighting zones in a room this is a pretty standard view. The challenge is, this becomes cumbersome and definitely doesn’t enhance what any designer would choose to have in a home. The challenge is, most designers don’t think they have any choice.  That isn’t true!

With smart lighting, you have plenty of choices. Above is a picture of a Smart lighting switch that can take a six gang lighting switch and make it one. Imagine how much more wall space you can have with technology like this. What else can go on that wall?  If you are building in a place that space is at a premium (like NYC), how much less space you’ll need at every lighting area.

This is only one example of how technology can help design, but the options are endless! As technology evolves, the key is to have someone paying attention to technology and advising you on how it can help your designs. That is what we do here at Digital Home!

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