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Streamline Your Style With Smart Home Automation

  • March 10, 2016 /

Blog_Streamline_Your_Style_With_Smart_Home_Automation1Enhance Your Montclair Home’s Décor With Integrated Home Automation

There are plenty of benefits to upgrading your property with a smart home automation system, from increased security features to nearly limitless access to your entertainment. But our favorite aspect of integrated technology is the way that it helps your home look and feel more beautiful. Many homeowners want to upgrade their spaces with the convenience and ease of smart home automation technology but fear that their home will become bogged down with additional electronics. In this blog, we’ll show you how your integrated devices can add to your décor, and make entertaining your friends and family easier than ever. Read on to learn more.

Smart Lighting Streamlines Beauty

Lighting is essential for any home, but not all lighting is created equal. Craft a fashionable ambiance that highlights exactly the areas of a given room that you want to emphasize with the touch of a button, and change it all completely with another. Smart lighting can transform the way you see your home.

Intelligently designed and integrated light fixtures also don’t have to dominate your space. Get the full effect of a beautiful system with freestanding lamps, track lights and virtually invisible recessed fixtures. We can implement systems that almost eliminate devices protruding from your wall, so all you see is the beautiful light. Even control keypads can be mounted flush with the wall, so you have total command of your system without anything disrupting your décor.

Plus, zone distribution allows you to control only the lights in a particular area of a room, giving you more power over customization. When you’ve selected the right combination of dimmed and bright lights that truly brings your interior design to life, save it as a scene to immediately recall it with one touch.

Stay Stylish with Motorized Shades  

Similarly to smart lighting, motorized shades can add visual beauty to any room, but they can also emphasize the natural beauty of the environment around your home. Oh yeah, they can also help you save energy.

Motorized shades come in all shapes, sizes and fabrics. They put simple, intuitive control in the palm of your hand, and they can be integrated with your lighting system for an even more beautiful effect. When the sun rises, program the shades to part and the light to dim. When it’s time for bed, allow them to draw automatically and set the lights at a soft glow, or shut off completely.

Technology That Learns What You Love  

Of course, the real beauty of a smart home system isn’t in remote-control lighting or shading, it’s the comfort of knowing that your technology is learning to make your life easier. If you adjust the lights and shades every morning when you wake up, after a few days your system will learn your habits and adjust them automatically. Every smart device in your home – including thermostats, whole home audio systems and surveillance equipment — can be integrated into a robust system that gets to know your preferences.

But don’t think smart home automation is simply limited to making your property more stylish – we’ve only touched the tip of the ice berg. If you have any question, or would like to enhance your property with smart technology, contact us today.

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