Smart Thermostat Installs

Every winter the weather in NJ gets extreme and with that extreme weather comes extreme discomfort. This extends from drafty windows to cold rooms to crazy heating bills. The awesome thing is technology can help. 

Smart Thermostats are one of the most popular smart home products and it is for good reason. Being cold in your home is not fun and wasting energy is terrible for the planet! 

The Nest Thermostat is one of the most popular Smart Thermostats on the market. We have installed hundreds and at this point feel it or the Ecobee should be installed in pretty much every home in the world. For that reason, we are doing something special this winter and doing discounted installations!

Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen $249 & Nest Thermostat E $169
Eocobee4 $249 & Ecobee3 Lite $169

These are two of the best smart thermostats on the market and what we hear at Digital Home recommend for all of our clients. Each has their own use case but a high level below is how I think of it.


Nest was one of if not the first smart thermostat on the market. It was purchased by Google in 2014 and what makes Nest awesome is its ability to learn your patterns. It uses that learning to program itself to help save energy. It also can also be controlled from anywhere with the Nest app. This is great for making your home as energy efficient as possible. There is no point in using your heat if you are not home.


Ecobee was released after Nest but owns a large part of the market as well. What makes Ecobee great are their sensors. These sensors allow you to program your thermostat  based on where your sensors are rather than where your thermostat is. This is great for homes that the thermostat is in a room that you don't care the temperature as much like a closet or in homes that have a room that is drafty.

Installation Includes

Assessment of the installation area

Install smart thermostat

Connect device to existing WiFi network and perform first-time set up

Install and set up mobile app

Demonstrate commonly used features

Please note: A functioning thermostat is required at the installation area