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Five Ways Smart Home Automation Makes Life Better

  • April 18, 2017 /

A few weeks ago I made a video and article about the 5 ways Smart Home Automation can save you money. I thought about it that was the wrong article to write. Most of our clients don’t buy our technology because they want to save 30$ a month on their electricity bill. The technology will help save on your electric bill but you buy from us because you want a Rolex for your home.

In this article, I will talk about a few ways the home Rolex or Smart Home Automation as its known to most people can make your life 10 times easier. It all starts with easing stress.

Home Entry Systems

Have you ever left the house and wondered did you lock the door? What about the garage door? Having smart entry systems makes life that much easier. No longer do you have to wonder is your home secured. With smart door locks and smart garage door openers, you can open and close each from anywhere in the world. Don’t want to give your kids a key to the house but they get home before you? They can call you and you can unlock the door for them or they can use a code.

The smart entry systems benefits don’t stop at opening and closing entryways, you can also use them like caller ID for your door. Think of it this way, it is 8 pm you’re downstairs in your theater watching a movie and the doorbells rings. You now have two choices, either pause the movie, go upstairs and make everyone wait or you can look at who’s at your door through your video intercom system and make a game time decision. I know what I would choose.

Lighting Control

The benefits don’t stop with just the amazingness of the entry way. They continue throughout the home. We have all gotten into bed only to realize we left the lights on downstairs. Now you have a decision to make, do I

  1. Leave them on until the morning because I am too lazy to get up or…
  2. Get up and handle the problem like an adult.

Sadly, I often choose A but I hate B just as much.

Enter smart lighting.

With a smart lighting, the above issues are never a problem. You can control your lights from anywhere in the world (that includes cutting them off from bed 😃 ). But that’s not it, you can also set up different actions like scenes for breakfast, away and the best option vacation. I know what you’re thinking, vacation?

Vacation mode on a smart lighting system is probably the best part. It enables your lights to make everyone think you’re home even when you’re not (trust me I have had neighbors call me when I am on vacation telling me someone is in my house). This works as an added level of security. It’s not the age old idea of a timer, it is smart. This tracks your light usage for two weeks prior then when you press the button replays those movements. If you were up late Monday so the lights were on, it will do that when you turn on vacation mode. Tuesday the lights will be different.

Automated Shades

I know after the other two smart capabilities I mentioned you are already sold but, there is more!

Automated shades are very cool. They give you the ability to control your shades via your phone or a timer. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have much interest in controlling my shades when I am not home” but, did you think about the glare on your TV screen? Or when you’re having a special night with the special someone? Clapping is so 1995.

The other great ability of automated shades is the timer. It needs to be pitch black when I sleep but I love waking up to natural light. A conundrum I know. By putting my shades on a timer this is simple. When the clock strikes 8 pm, the shades in my room go down and at 6 am they come up. Problem solved.

Music Zones

This is easily my favorite part feature in a smart home. I love everything else but I am a music junky and I enjoy entertaining. Next time you have a party let me know how the music came together. Most people either have an old stereo from the clap on clap off era or they pull out their small Beats pill that fills half of a room. That is not the way to go. A house with whole house audio enables you to play music in every room so there is never a place where the music won’t follow you. So the party can go wherever you go.

Entertaining is not the only great use case for whole house audio. Do you have children? Do you want to listen to their music all day? Now you don’t have to. This enables you to play different music in every room all through your phone. So, whatever your kids like they can use their Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, etc to play in their room or area and you can do the same wherever you are.


Last but not least is scenes. These are exactly what they sound like. They set the mood with the click of a button.

We are in the process of selling our home, it is a smart home and because of that we want to ensure we showcase all of its awesomeness. We could do that by having every real estate agent who came into the house press buttons until the system broke or we could do what we did and have one button that does it all. We have a scene called “sale”. That scene brings down the shades in the foyer, turns on the music to smooth jazz at the perfect volume and turns on the TVs. Can you say sold?

This extends past just extreme situations like selling your home. Date night anyone? Or just watching the game on Sunday? You know what channel you want it on, you know how you like the lighting. This makes it easy for it all to meet your requirements with the press of one button!

I could go on forever about how awesome Smart Home Automation is and how it can make your home the talk of the town but I promised I would stick to five. If this is of interest to you at all. Feel free to message me on the bottom right or pick up the phone and we can set up a free consultation.


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