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Invisible Speakers are Awesome!

  • April 16, 2018 /

I am a huge fan of Invisible Speakers but I have noticed that most people have no clue what I am talking about when I say that.

The quick explanation is, they are speakers with a thin top layer similar to that of sheetrock that is painted over to match your wall. A little confusing I know.

Here is a picture to help explain a little better.

The reason we love these speakers at Digital Home is because:

  1. They sound awesome
  2. They match any design you can think of

We believe technology is to be experienced but doesn’t necessarily have to be seen. The design of a room is the most important factor. We work with a lot of Interior Designers, Design and Build firms, and other design-oriented people and this has led us to double down on the importance of design-oriented tech like these invisible speakers.

Below are a few pictures showing the progression of how we install invisible speakers.

1. If this we are installing these speakers in a new construction home or a remodel that is ripped to the studs we start with installing preconstruction brackets like the picture below.

2. After the sheetrock is installed we then install the speakers. Pictured below:

3. After the speaker is installed the general contractor spackles around the edges to make the speaker even with the rest of the wall or ceiling.

4. Lastly, the contractor paints over the speaker and the wall to make the speaker disappear into the design of the room. In the pictures below there are invisible speakers to the left and to the right of each of the sconces.

If this is of interest to you at all please let us know. You can click the button below to request a call or you can chat with one of our reps right now through our chat application at the bottom right of this page.

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