Home Theater Services

In early 2003 we were in the process of renovating our basement in Montclair NJ. We had a large space and honestly didn't know what we were going to do with all of it. All we knew was that we wanted it to be nice and a great place for our son to enjoy. 

We worked with an architect, designer and general contractor to decide that a theater would fit  great in the space. Over the next few months we worked with the team and completed a beautiful theater!

This was the start of something great. We had a ton of movie nights, game nights and football games in this room. Our son loved it too!

What became even more exciting was how much my friends loved it and some even asked could we do one for them. This is how Digital Home was born!

15 years and hundreds of theaters later we are still at it but now we have a lot more experience and the team to get everything done. 

We don't just help our clients source the technology for their theater, we do everything.

Do you need help with envisioning your theater? 

We can build a 3d rending for you so you know exactly what it going to look like.

Need to demolish a gym and build out a theater? 

Over the 15 years of doing this we have built out a team that can demolish, build, wire install and program everything needed for your home theater! 

One of my favorite theaters we've ever done was in someones attic, but not only was it in their attic, it was on top of their master bedroom. Hard to sleep if you're kids are watching The Dark Knight at top volume. 

Not in the theater we did. 

Why you ask? Because we built it a room inside of a room and used the best acoustics money could buy to ensure the bedroom was quite at all times!

Sometimes our clients want their their theater to be more traditional. 

We can do that too!

I say that to say... If you want to build a home theater, there is no better person to do it for you. 

If you're interested in learning more, talking to a sales person or getting a 3D rendering press the button below. 

We would love to help!