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Why Designers Love The Samsung Frame TV

  • April 16, 2018 /

Digital Home is a very design oriented Smart Home Automation company. A lot of the work we do is hand and hand with interior designers and design and build companies. We always do our best to make sure our technology is felt not seen but large TVs were always an area of contention.

In most of our experiences with designers, they love TVs for their clients as long as they’re not big and not visible. In all seriousness, nothing messes up a great design like a big black box, we get it.

Enter the Samsung Frame TV.

With the Samsung Frame TV we are now able to make the designer and the customer happy. With this new technology instead of a powered off TV being a big black box, it can look like a piece of art.

One of my favorite ideas for this TV is above a fireplace since that is such a popular area for a TV and Art.

Another great feature of this TV is it sits flush against your wall just like wall art does. There is no gap between the wall and the TV the way there is with a normal TV.

Lastly, this TV is designed to match with any room’s design. No need to restructure an idea because you are trying to figure out where to put a 65′ TV, now the 65′ TV can go where fits the design best!

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