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Whole House Audio: Why Builders and General Contractors Should Install It

  • March 20, 2017 /

A few weeks ago I went onto a construction site and had to cut holes in a lot of newly constructed walls. The general contractor did not ask the homeowner if they wanted to put in whole house audio. They did!

The days of homeowners turning their radio to its maximum volume so they can hear music throughout the entire house are over. Technologies like Sonos have shown us that homeowners want the option of listening to their favorite music in every room throughout their homes and when builders or remodelers suggest this to their clients it significantly helps separate them from their competition.

We have learned from the automotive industry, which now includes blue tooth and auxiliary inputs in every car, that people want to listen to their own music. Whether listeners have cell phones loaded with their favorite tunes or they subscribe to Pandora, Spotify, Sirius, or another service, people want to have all of their music available to them. Just as drivers want to hear their favorite music in their cars, homeowners want to listen to their favorites in their homes.Whole house audio dancing

The ideal time to install a whole house audio system is during construction or renovations when the interior walls are open. Installation of a whole house audio system is an investment that can be seamlessly incorporated during a renovation or construction. Let’s say, the homeowner is not ready to invest in a Sonos or another wireless music system but thinks they might like to have one “down the road.” Even if just the speaker wire is installed, their home is ready for a whole house audio system whenever they decide to make the move. Installation is cost effective when the walls are open but later it is a hassle.

As a builder or remodeler when you anticipate your customers’ needs, everyone benefits. The homeowner may not have thought of a whole house audio system but will be happy you did when they decide they want one a few years later. Or, maybe they thought about it but didn’t think it was in the budget. When you suggest installing speakers for a whole house audio system in their home construction or addition, you are anticipating your customer’s future needs, enhancing the value of their home, and positioning yourself as a thoughtful contractor (which tends to lead to referrals).

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