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Build and Renovate Ep 4: Imperial

  • August 30, 2019 /

This week on Build and Renovate we have a long time friend of mine in the industry Tim Roman the founder and CEO of Imperial. Tim was recently featured in the Gary Vee’s newest book Crushing It and

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Two Little Known Ways to Make your Home Safer

  • July 18, 2019 /

When it comes to making your home safer most people think of the same strategies. Make sure you live a safe neighborhood. Lock your doors Get a security system Set up a camera system I believe these

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5+1 Ways To Use Smart Lights

  • July 12, 2019 /

A few days ago I read an article in the New York Times called “Smart Lights Are the One Smart Home Gadget for Everyone” and I immediately agreed. I remember when my parents moved out of their

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Building a Home? Heres How To Prewire it to Be A Smart Home!

  • June 25, 2019 /

When it comes to making your home a smart home it starts with the prewire. Today some people wonder if prewiring your home is still important. The short answer is absolutely! Wires will always be the fastest

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The Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Lighting

  • June 12, 2019 /

For the past few weeks we have been working on a Complete Smart Home guide. This is going to include all sorts of topics from what is a smart home and go as in depth as giving pricing on different smart

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How to Set Up Your Home Theater Speakers

  • January 8, 2019 /

Since the beginning of Digital Home one of our favorite projects to do have been home theaters. They're amazing to look at and our clients reactions are priceless. One thing we have noticed over these

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How to Choose an AV Receiver

  • January 2, 2019 /

A few days ago I was on a call with a potential client discussing AV receiver choices. We discussed many options and it dawned on me that a lot of people probably have this question. For that reason I

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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Building Home Theaters

  • December 21, 2018 /

Over the last few years here at Digital Home we have started to do a lot more theaters again. Our company started pretty much as a home theater company but in 2008 the amount of home theaters we did went

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How to Make Your House More Energy Efficient

  • December 3, 2018 /

New Jersey winters are tough. The weather is extreme so it leads to extreme energy bills. There are many ways to lower your energy bill and because of the improvement of technology and the internet in

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5 Ways Smart Home Automation Can Raise The Value of Your Home

  • October 31, 2018 /

The writing is on the wall, Smart Homes are the future. Consumer Reports stated that installing the tech can increase your home value by 3-5% but which is a big deal when it comes to the prices of New

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