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Smart Home Automation: 5 ways to save money

I would never tell you to buy a smart home automation system because it’s going to save you a boat load of money, that’s not the reason people buy our systems. That being said there are savings to be gained through your purchase. Actually, there are a few good savings worth mentioning, below are the five top options from our perspective:

smart home automation piggybank

Smart Thermostats

This is probably the most popular smart device because they pay for themselves. According to Nest, the smart thermostat acquired by Google in 2014, customers have an “estimated average savings of $131 to $145 a year, which means the Nest Thermostat can pay for itself in under two years”. This use case has been so compelling that some states are making them mandatory for all new homes. 

Automated Motorized Shade

Our clients love these.  Not only do they help better regulate the temperature of your home but they look awesome! The more windows in your home the more sunlight enters and therefore the more air conditioning you need to cool your home. The same is true for the winter, the shades help hold heat in the house so you don’t need to use your gas, oil or electric heat as much. Also, because these are automated you can ensure they are going up and down at the optimal time to be as efficient as possible with your energy usage.

LED Lights

LED lights last about 40 times longer than normal incandescent lights and use as much as 6 times less energy over that time. That is huge. Lighting uses about 30% of energy in the average home so over time this change can make a significant impact on your energy bill.

Smart Sprinkler System

I remember when we first installed this at our home.  It felt like magic. Imagine your sprinklers messaging you “it’s going to rain in four hours so I am not going to turn on today”. It’s awesome and not only that, it saves a ton of money, according to the Rachio website they see people saving as much as 50% on their water bill.

Big Ass Fan

Also known as the Haiku fan, is another great addition to help save money with Smart Home Automation. It’s great because it works on its own but it’s even better when you have a smart thermostat. With the two devices connected it will help alleviate the use of your HVAC system which will help reduce your bill because it uses a lot less energy than turning on the AC.

These are a few examples of ways to decrease cost through Smart Home Automation. There are tons of other ways to reduce cost through smart products but that could take all day. If you are really interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to us, we have a chat on the bottom right of our website that’s monitored daily or you can call or email us at any time.

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