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4 Reasons Why Outdoor Deck Lighting Is A Must

  • May 19, 2016 /

Deck LightingA deck can be a great addition to any home as it not only provides entertainment value, but will also add to the actual value of your property. Of course, if you plan on building an outdoor deck, then you’ll have to implement deck lighting as well. The following are four reasons why no deck should go without proper lighting:

Safety—You won’t be able to use your outdoor deck safely at night unless it’s well lit. Without proper deck lighting, anyone using your deck could trip and fall down or up the deck stairs, which could result in a serious injury.

Security—A deck that isn’t lit can be used by potential thieves to scope out your home. By properly lighting your outdoor deck, you’ll keep potential burglars away—they won’t want to be lit up at night since it will be easy for you or your neighbors to identify them. It also improves your sense of security since you’ll be able to see who or what is on your deck from inside of your home.

Ambiance—The deck should be considered a living space since it can be used for everything from enjoying a glass of wine by yourself to entertaining a group of family and friends. There are all kinds of deck lighting options available, such as post deck lights, recessed deck lights and string lights (to name a few) that can be used to improve the ambiance of your deck to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Curb Appeal—A lot of homeowners don’t realize that the way their home appears at night has just as big of an impact on their property’s curb appeal as the way their home appears during the day. A well lit deck helps to spruce your property’s appearance up at night while showing off your deck feature as well.

These are four reasons why deck lighting is not something that you should ignore. For information about deck lighting and landscape lighting in general, as well as on how to implement it, be sure to contact us at Digital Architecture.

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