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3 Examples Of Home Automation That Can Help Elderly and Disabled People

  • May 24, 2016 /

home-automation-elderly-disabledHome automation is a relatively new technology that many people are implementing as a way to make daily life more convenient and to help reduce energy costs. However, making homes automated has also proven to be extremely helpful for disabled people. The following are three ways that home automation can be beneficial:

Easier Home Access – Home automation can be implemented in the doors of a home through the use of automated doors and locks. Many automated doors will make use of mobile phones and tablets. This means that someone in a wheelchair can simply use their smart device and the door will open automatically. The door will then shut and lock itself, making coming and going a hassle-free process.

Control Home Comfort – Somebody with limited mobility is going to have to go to great lengths in order to adjust the temperature of their home if it’s not automated. Automation, allows homeowners to access and control their home’s temperature settings remotely on their computer, smartphone or tablet. For example if someone who is elderly or disabled has gotten into bed and finds that their home is too cold, they can simply change the temperature on their phone.

Automatic Control with Sensors – An automated home system with sensors can allow homeowners to program their lights, shades, air condition and heat. For example, the Nest Family of products will allow communication between your thermostat, lights and carbon monoxide system to ensure your home is safer as well as more energy efficient.

These are just three ways in which home automation can benefit the elderly and disabled. For more information about how automation can benefit your home, or on how to implement your own home automation system, contact Digital Architecture today.

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