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Why in 2018 Builders Should Invest in Smart Home Tech

  • August 4, 2018 /
Last year, I did a Youtube video called, “Builders in NJ Who Embrace Smart Home Automation Will Win 2017”, in this video I predicted exactly what is in the title, that builders that invested in Smart Home Technology for their homes would win more than those that didn’t. So far, my prediction seems to be correct. Smart home tech has enabled many builders around the country (not just in NJ) to enhance their customer’s experience and their companies profits. This year the writing on the wall is getting even more clear!


We are also seeing the largest builders in the world are get behind this movement as well because they know this is the future. In June of 2017, Lennar announced that they would offer WI-FI certified homes complete with integrated home automation and voice control with Amazon Alexa. They were early to this party for the larger builders in the world but in June of this year, the Toll Brothers announced that all of their homes entering into a sales agreement will include smart home devices as well.


At Digital Home we work with a lot of smaller home builders in the New York and New Jersey area to enable them to offer these same products and services to their clients. This helps them compete with the big fish, increase profits and ensure customer loyalty. Tech is the future of everything. Uber brought technology to Taxis, Amazon brought technology to retail and now Digital Home is bringing technology to housing!
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